Next Steps for Car Accident Without Witnesses

Having a car accident in Atlanta is no one’s dream. However, if you sustained severe injuries, you might need to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party. That way, you don’t get to lose too much from a crash that wasn’t your fault. In such cases, you’ll need help from an Atlanta auto crash lawyer to prove your claims/allegations with no witnesses.

In proving your case, your legal representative will need favorable evidence that supersedes the defendants. Evidence could include photographs of the crime scene, police reports, and medical records. Eyewitnesses present when the accident happened are also essential to prove your case. Their statements can corroborate your testimony.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you may not have any eyewitnesses to help your case. In such situations, it’s easy to despair and thinks that you can’t make a good case. But is that the proper position of things? This article will discuss what happens in car accident cases without witnesses.

Do I Need A Witness For My Auto Crash Claim?

There are two categories of witnesses under Georgia’s personal injury law. They are expert witnesses and eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses are people who saw the accident happen and can give testimonies about what they saw. They’re unbiased parties who will relay precisely what transpired in their presence without fear or favor.

On the other hand, expert witnesses are professionals who weren’t present at the acciden t scene during the crash. However, they can give testimonies based on their specialist knowledge as it affects specific issues in the case. For example, a medical doctor can provide testimonies to prove that your traumatic brain injury was due to a car accident.

Eyewitnesses and expert witnesses are crucial in personal injury cases because they help to prove liability. Without establishing the defendant’s fault, your personal injury case will fail. In addition, witnesses are instrumental when there are conflicting statements from opposite parties in a case.

Since they witnessed the accident and are unbiased, insurance companies and judges will typically view their testimonies as credible. That’s unless there’s more convincing proof that they tainted their testimonies with lies.

What Happens If There Are No Witnesses In My Atlanta Personal Injury Case?

While witnesses play significant roles in car crash cases, they’re not available all the time. For example, it’s possible that you were driving along a lonely road, and nobody saw the drunk driver hit you. Also, people nearby may have only been drawn to the crash scene because of the noise. In such cases, it’s easy for the negligent motorist to deny liability and even blame you for the accident.

While having no eyewitnesses may put you in a difficult situation, it doesn’t mean that you have no case. With help from an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney, you can still get adequate compensation for your injuries. However, there are specific actions you must take at the accident site to help your case. We’ve discussed them in the next section.

What To Do In A Car Collision Without Witnesses In Atlanta, Georgia

If you find yourself in an auto accident with no witnesses, the following actions can help your potential claim:

Call law enforcement and seek medical attention.

In an accident where you suffered significant injuries and property damage, you must call the police. The police will investigate the accident to determine liability. They’ll also make you fill out a police report.

Preserve evidence.

You can preserve evidence by taking photographs of your injuries and the accident scene.

Exchange essential information with the other driver

Ask them for their insurance details, addresses, names, phone numbers, etc.

Write down every detail you can recall

It’s essential to document everything you can remember when the accident details are still fresh in your memory. That way, you can always refer to your jottings if you forget anything.

A lawyer meeting with a client after a crash with no witnesses

Call a car accident lawyer

Your personal injury attorney can find alternative methods to prove your claims. For example, they may have an accident reconstruction expert determine the cause of the collision.

Contact An Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Now!

Personal injury law is complex, but having a claim without witnesses may be even more challenging. If that’s your situation, there’s no better time to call your car accident lawyer than right now. An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney will know how to navigate the challenges in your case and get you swift justice.

At Herro Law, we are experts in solving complex problems in injury cases. Our personal injury lawyers will ensure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries with or without witnesses. We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Schedule a free consultation with us today.