Will You Have to Go to Court for Your Macon Car Accident Lawsuit?

When somebody files a car accident lawsuit, there’s always the chance that they’ll have to show up in court. This alone is sometimes enough for some accident victims to decide not to pursue damages. The problem with that is that most of the cases our accident attorneys in Georgia handle never end up going to trial. Most of these cases are settled long before trial.

Those that don’t settle often end up with a default judgment. In either case, even if you have to go to court, your Macon car accident lawyer will be there with you. It can be intimidating to go before a judge and discuss your case.

You just have to remember that judges are people, just like you. Their job is to listen to the evidence and decide which party presents the stronger argument. The good news is that you don’t have to do this by yourself. Your accident attorney in Georgia will be there with you every step of the way.

Here, we will explain why very few car accident cases ever make it to court. We will also discuss the rare occasions on which you would have to appear before a judge. If you still have questions or concerns about your own car accident case, don’t fret. You can call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation at any time. Our Macon accident lawyers will walk you through the legal process and put your mind at ease.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in Macon Will Go to Court With You

We understand that, if you felt able to handle your car accident lawsuit on your own, you wouldn’t need us. One of the main reasons you hire an accident attorney in Georgia is so that they can handle the legal side of things for you. While there is no law that says you have to hire a lawyer, it usually makes sense for you to do so.

Our Macon car accident lawyers are not only familiar with the law, but they also know how the big insurance companies operate. They know how to negotiate a settlement and, if need be, can argue your case in court. You will never be expected to show up in court by yourself if you have an attorney representing you. They would be there by your side throughout the process.

Most Car Accident Cases Settle Long Before Trial

As mentioned above, most of the car accident cases our firm handles settle long before trial. Going to trial is never the best option. It doesn’t matter if you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. Plus, there’s always the chance that you could lose if you go to trial.

Just because you believe you have a strong case, that doesn’t mean the judge or jury will agree with you. You just never know what will happen once you enter the courtroom. For that reason alone, it makes sense for your Macon car accident lawyer to settle your case.

A Macon car accident lawyer filing a lawsuit

Your Macon Car Accident Lawyer May File a Motion on Your Behalf

At some point during your lawsuit, your accident attorney in Georgia may need to file a motion. For example, if the defendant decides to file a counterclaim, your lawyer may file a motion dismissing their complaint. The same is true if the defendant has attempted to bring a third-party defendant into the case.

If your car accident lawyer in Macon doesn’t believe the third party has any standing to be involved, they’ll file a motion stating as much. Even if neither of these things happens, there is always the chance that the defendant ignores your legal papers.

If this is the case, you’d want to file a motion for default judgment. If this is the case, you’ll have to appear before the judge. However, you have nothing to worry about if things work out this way. All the judge will do is call your case, ask if the defendant is present, and grant your judgment. There’s nothing scary about this at all.

If Your Case Goes to Trial, You Will Have to Appear in Court

Obviously, if your case is one of the few that go to trial, you would need to appear in court. Your accident attorney in Georgia cannot try the case without you there. The judge may have questions for you. Plus, the court clerk will require you to confirm that your attorney is, in fact, representing you. Even if your case goes to trial, your attorney will do most of the talking and will be there by your side the entire time.

Your Accident Attorney in Georgia Will Work Hard to Negotiate a Settlement

When you first meet with a Macon car accident lawyer, you may have no idea what will happen. If your insurance claim has already been denied, you can appeal the denial with the insurance company. However, you’ll probably need to file a lawsuit.

The good news is that the chances of having to appear in court are very slim. Unless your attorney needs to file a motion, there’s little reason why you would have to go before the judge. If things go the way they normally do, your Macon car accident lawyer will settle your case long before you would have to go to trial.

If you aren’t sure if taking legal action is the best idea, contact our office. You can come in and sit down with one of our accident attorneys in Macon free of charge. We offer new clients a free, initial consultation so we can determine if their case has merit. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The defendant will have a team of lawyers working on their behalf. This is because the insurance company is required to represent them in court. The last thing you want to do is show up with nobody in your corner. If you call today, we can find a date and time that works for you.