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Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents, given the sheer size and speed of the vehicle. Whether you were side-swiped by a semi-truck or rear-ended by a commercial truck, the injuries you experienced may be so severe that they affect your life permanently. That is why in Atlanta, you have the right to seek compensation for property damages, injury, or even the death of a loved one.

While truck drivers are usually responsible for these accidents, that is not always the case and there might be more than one party liable. That is why if you are planning to settle out of court, or fight it out in trial, you should hire an Atlanta truck accident lawyer who can guide you on the best route to take for the claim.

If you are looking to piece things back together after a severe truck accident, do not hesitate to contact The Herro Law Firm today. Our Atlanta auto accident lawyers have years of experience in this field and we will work hard to protect your rights. You can rest assured that the other party will have lawyers to defend their interests.

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Truck Accident Stats in Georgia

The increase of truck drivers on the road has led to an increase in truck accidents over the years. According to a report by the state’s Department of Transportation, about 23,000 accidents each year involve commercial trucks, equating to about 65 truck accidents per day.

Additionally, truck accidents are more dangerous compared to other vehicles. That’s why 90% of passengers in a small car vs large truck collision die.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is advisable to contact an Atlanta truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Don’t leave the scene after a truck accident as doing so will only make it harder to collect sufficient evidence to support your claim. Instead, do the following to maximize the chances of fair compensation.

Call the Police

You’ll want to call 911 right after the accident. This will allow them to send the necessary help to those injured in the crash. The police will come to the scene to collect evidence and speak to both the victims and eyewitnesses. The information they gather will be used to make a police report, which is necessary when filing an accident claim.

Help the Other Parties

Check on the other people involved in the accident to ensure they are fine. If the paramedics don’t arrive quickly, perform first-aid for those who require it. However, avoid moving severely injured or unconscious victims but if their position poses a hazard, move them carefully.

Record the Scene

Use your phone or tablet to take videos of the scene, including injuries and damages done, road conditions, road signs, etc. Your Atlanta truck accident lawyer will use this information to create a solid case.

Exchange Information

You’ll want to exchange relevant information with the truck driver, victims, and witnesses. This information includes contacts, license numbers, names, insurance information, addresses, etc. If the driver flees, witnesses will come in handy in proving so.

Seek Medical Attention

It is imperative to seek medical attention right after the accident, even if you feel fine. Some injuries like whiplash take time to become noticed and some may become life-threatening if left unaddressed such as internal bleeding. When a doctor does a thorough examination, they will make a record of your state, allowing you to seek maximum compensation down the line.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

You’ll also want to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. At The Herro Law Firm, we are ready to help you gather the evidence you need to create a strong case and seek maximum compensation.

What Are the Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability in Georgia?

If you cannot prove liability, then it is virtually impossible to win a truck accident case in Georgia. As such, the following must be proven true:

  • The driver was the trucking company’s employee during the accident time.
  • The driver was acting on behalf of the trucking company when the accident occurred.
  • The truck driver’s actions were in service or beneficial to their employer.

A truck accident lawyer will help you understand these laws properly before filing a claim.

How Can an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Getting a competent truck accident lawyer to handle your case can make a world of a difference. Here are some of the various ways they can help:


Our truck accident lawyers have the necessary resources and will hire the right experts to assist with the investigation. They will collect the necessary evidence, get the required documents from the trucking company, interview witnesses, and seek the right experts to testify should your case go to court.

File a Claim

Filing a claim on your own is not an easy process. If you make a mistake or miss the deadline, the other party will have legal grounds to deny your claim. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you file the claim correctly and ensure all paperwork is at par with the laws and required procedures.

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Conduct Negotiations

It’s not surprising that insurance companies don’t like paying claims. After all, they are in business and so, they would prefer to protect their bottom line. They will have a team of adjusters and lawyers who will try to convince you to settle for a lower amount. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know how to avoid all the tricks in the book and negotiate fair compensation.


The negotiations may not go as expected, meaning you did not come to an agreement. In such a case, you may want to take your claim to trial. Here, your lawyer will come in handy as they will use their expertise to prepare your case for court and represent you accordingly.

What Types of Compensation Can I Get?

When it comes to personal injury and auto accident claims in Georgia, you can receive the following types of compensation.

  • Economic Damages – designed to compensate you for monetary losses such as property damage, medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, and more.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Subjective in nature and meant to compensate for things like pain and suffering, anxiety, depression, loss of companionship, and similar losses.
  • Punitive Damages – In some cases where the truck driver was extremely reckless or negligent, the judge can award punitive damages. They are meant to punish the defendant and discourage such behavior.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Worth?

The value of your claim depends on the severity of your injuries as well as damages. If the truck accident was severe, you may qualify for millions of dollars in compensation. A competent lawyer in Atlanta will help you figure out the worth of your claim.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Truck Accident Claim?

As with other auto accident claims, truck accident claims have a time limit of 2 years from the date of the accident. Failure to meet this deadline will see you lose your right to seek compensation. Hiring a lawyer ensures you don’t miss this deadline.

How Is Liability in Truck Accidents Determined?

The state of Georgia uses the comparative negligence principle when it comes to determining liability. As long as you are deemed less than 50% at fault, you are eligible for some degree of compensation.

Here are some examples of how your truck accident lawyer can prove liability in Atlanta, GA.

  • The truck driver broke the law during the accident and the other driver didn’t.
  • The truck driver was negligent while on the road, like distracted driving.
  • The truck was poorly maintained and as a result, caused an accident.
  • The driver caused a rear-end collision as they were driving too close to the vehicle in front.
  • The truck driver caused an accident by breaking FMCSA safety rules.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Truck Accident?

There are several parties that can be held liable for a truck accident include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The trucking insurance company
  • The truck’s manufacturer
  • The truck’s parts manufacturer
  • The party that loaded the freight

When it comes to determining liability and the party responsible, it is important to consult a lawyer before filing a claim to ensure you are going after the right people.

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What Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Atlanta?

There are numerous potential causes of truck accidents. The most common ones include:

Hire the Best Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer!

No one expects to be a part of an accident let alone a truck accident. However, there is always the risk of a crash on the road, and you could be a victim. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident on the roads of Atlanta, you need to seek compensation as soon as possible.

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