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A head-on collision is a difficult situation to be in and you are going to want to figure out a way to make sure everything is taken care of legally.

It is a situation that is going to require legal assistance as soon as possible. With The Herro Law Firm, you are going to be gaining access to Gwinnett head-on collision lawyers that are on top of things and will know how to help out right away. This is a must when you are trying to figure out what to do next and how to go about improving your situation moving forward.

With our Gwinnett car accident lawyers, you will know you are going to see good results and we will offer a comprehensive legal solution right away. To find out more, reach out to us at (404) 433-6876 for a free consultation.

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Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can happen for a long list of reasons. It’s important to know what caused your collision as this will offer vital information about the case. Remember, you are going to want as many of the details in hand as possible to build a stronger case.

Some of the main causes can include:

It is essential to go with a solution that will work and it is going to start with our help. We are going to craft a legal strategy that will work for you and is going to be airtight. This is what makes us the best law firm in Gwinnett.

To find out more about what the legal strategy is going to entail and how we are going to approach this, please take the time to give us a call at (404) 433-6876. We will be sure to go through everything with you and come up with a solution that works.

Damages You Can Receive Through a Head-On Collision Claim in Georgia

When you are thinking about moving forward with a head-on collision claim in Gwinnett, you are going to want to know what can be included in it. This is key information that will ensure you get full compensation for what took place.

It is going to start with economic damages because that is the first thing you are going to want to take a look at. In the claim, you can take the time to list things such as the medical bills, prescription fees, lost wages, or any other expense that has been faced due to the accident.

You can also take a look at non-economic damages. These are damages that are not going to have a monetary amount attached to them but do impact your quality of life. This could be things such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Georgia courts only award victims punitive damages if the at-fault party was extremely reckless. Georgia limits these damages to no more than $250,000, however, there is no limit if the at-fault party’s judgment was substantially impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Why You Need an Attorney for a Head-on Collision Claim

It is important to consider going with a legal professional as soon as possible in Gwinnett. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to build the type of case you are hoping to put together. At The Herro Law Firm, we have been doing this for a long time and can help with each phase in the process. This includes the claim, negotiations, and/or trial if that is what it comes down to.

We have the legal resources to help you and will also know what the legal standards are in Georgia. This is a great way to stay on top of things without making mistakes. If you want to go with a law firm that is going to be by your side at all times then you will want to give us a call at (404) 433-6876.

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How Much Will an Attorney Cost?

You should always focus on winning the case and getting the compensation you deserve but it’s normal for you to want to know what the cost is going to be.

At The Herro Law Firm, we operate on a contingency fee basis. A contingent fee is an agreed-upon fee that is going to be paid from the compensation that you receive. This means you are not going to have to pay money upfront for our team to work for you.

This provides peace of mind as you can let our team get down to work without having to make an upfront payment.

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim for a Head-on Collision in Georgia?

You are going to have two years from when the head-on collision took place to file a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia. It’s important to act fast due to this time limit.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets to put together the evidence you are going to need to win the case. This is why it is best to reach out to us as soon as possible. We are going to be more than happy to go over what took place and then prepare and file your legal claim.

To find out more, give us a call at (404) 433-6876.

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It’s always important to go with a professional legal team that is going to take the time to hear you out and pinpoint what is the best move going forward. This is what The Herro Law Firm is all about because we have years of experience and will ensure the right measures are taken to help out.

We are diligent, proven, and will always put in the time to understand what you require as a client.

With a head-on collision in Gwinnett, GA, you are not going to waste time and that is why we are going to be ready to help at a moment’s notice. To find out more about what we can do as a law firm, please take the time to give us a call at (404) 433-6876.