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Very knowledgeable and responsive to your legal matters. In addition, he is very flexible with his attorney fees. If he can't help you he will guide you in the right direction. Highly recommend Herro legal services!!

- Charise Y.

Amazing communication and the best attorney in Atlanta hands down. I highly recommend the Herro Law Firm for your representation, give him a call first.

- Patrick L.

The Herro Law Firm is Excellent with outstanding customer service. Mr. Anthony Herro picked my case up from a company who dropped me and stayed in contact with me from the beginning to the end, the whole time my case was pending. I appreciate Anthony Herro for taking the time to get my case settled to satisfaction. The best accident lawyer in Atlanta, hands down. If your in a accident chose Herro Law Firm.

- DJ S.

Being in a car accident for the first time is never pleasant and at times I feel that we don’t think the accident may have a big toll on the body. Could not be further from the truth. Fortunately through a co-worker I was highly advise to speak to Mr. Herro. Best thing I could have done, without Anthony’s help I knew I would have had to face a battle with an insurance company that was only paying a few hundred bucks on totaled car alone! Although it took several months to have the insurance admit fault, Anthony kept me informed of the steps I needed to take and kept me up to date with where we were in the process. I am satisfied and glad I had Anthony to assist me in this inconvenience and would highly recommend!

- Juan C.

I truly believe Anthony Herro and his team were heaven sent. From the beginning of my case, I was welcomed, with warming opened arms by Ife Morrison. I was told that the law firm would do their best to help me, and they exceeded that! When no one else would take my case because it was so jacked up by a previous attorney, The Herro Law Firm took my case! This law firm is very knowledgeable, honest, and caring!
Georgia needs more Lawyers with the Integrity this law firm represents! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To everyone who helped with my case! May God Bless you all!
I would definitely recommend The Herro Law Firm to anyone!

- Ira H.

The Herro Law Firm blew my expectations out of the water. Anthony personally kept in touch with me through all stages of my case. Signing with the Herro Law Firm is like having a personal attorney! He played hard ball for me when it was needed, kept my expectations in check throughout the entire ordeal (and constantly updated), proved that he was a master negotiator, and I’m over the moon with my settlement. Way to go, Herro Law Firm!

- Google Review

Had the pleasure of using this Firm and could not have been happier. Highly professional, responsive, and most importantly, received my desired result. Highly recommend and encourage their services.

- Tony D.

After a traumatic car crash I contacted this firm and put my trust into Anthony. His concern with follow up helped reduce a lot of stress. Referrals to quality healthcare and dealing with the at fault driver’s insurance company made my recovery much easier.

- Mike C.

I highly recommend The Herro Law Firm! Mr. Anthony Herro ROCKS!! After a fall, just only a few months ago, the Herro Law Firm, Opposing Counsel & Myself settled for an amount that was very pleasing. The Herro Law Firm will fight for every dollar for you. Give them a call right now! You will be glad that you did.

- Althea H.

After being rear ended and suffering a few injuries, a friend recommended me Anthony Herro. I’m very glad she did. He handled everything and made the process very simple and fast. Also, he was always there if I had any questions or concerns. After the recovery process , we were able to demand and settle with enough to cover my medical bills and leave money in my pocket. I strongly recommend Anthony Herro.

- Jonathan H.

Anthony is a wonderful Attorney. He took such good care of me. I highly recommend him!!!
So patient and kind. Professional and efficient.

- Ann B.

Great and honest attorneys are hard to come by in this day in age. Look no further as Anthony Herro of The Herro Law Firm is the most reliable, trust worthy, timely, responsive attorney that I have ever worked with. Recovering my case that had sat for nearly 2 years, Mr. Herro was able to close out my case and obtain the money that I deserved in approximately 90 days. Not only was he considerate of my time, he was a great listener who I believe was not just taking another case of no importance( with the exception of making money) but truly cared about justice being served. It's awfully nice to know that there are still good people that have care and concern about others! Thank Mr. Herro for being an impactful, positive attorney that truly gets great results!

- Cicily H.

The Herro Law Firm handled my case during the Covid-19 pandemic, and even during that time the case was handled very smoothly, professionally, and FAST! Anthony is amazing at what he does and if ever needed i will definitely be using him and the Herro Law Firm again. He keeps you updated with your case and really fights to get you your settlement. 10/10 experience for me. I would recommend to anyone in need of their services.

- Marcuan R.