What Not to Say to Your Insurance After a Car Accident

Most likely, your insurance company will be involved after an accident. Accident victims have the right to receive compensation from the at-fault driver for their injuries and losses. After a car accident, victims can file an insurance claim with their insurance company or sue the court. To get the best possible outcome, it is recommended to consult an Atlanta car accident lawyer.

Most victims don’t want to discuss the trauma with their insurance adjuster. Your insurance policy requires you to inform and cooperate with your insurer following a car accident. You could lose your insurance coverage or be denied your claim. It can also lead to an increase in your premiums. Call us at (404) 433-6876 to set up a consultation today.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters and Claims

As a rule of thumb, insurance adjusters should be viewed with caution. Talking to them without legal representation could be detrimental to your chances for financial recovery. You can be confident that you will deal with highly trained personnel who are able to limit or deny your claim.

It can be overwhelming and confusing to deal with your injuries and make insurance claims. Unwittingly, you might say something that could be taken to mean you are admitting responsibility after a car accident. An experienced lawyer should handle all negotiations and communications on your behalf. This article will help you understand your rights, and what to say to your insurance company.

What Happens After a Car Accident in Atlanta?

First, seek immediate medical attention and notify your insurance company about the accident. Every auto insurance company uses different insurance policies.

They will generally investigate the accident to determine who was responsible and the extent of the damage. Once liability has been established, insurance companies will then negotiate reimbursement for expenses incurred.

Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer explains What You Should Not Say to Your Insurance Company Following a Car Accident

When dealing with insurance companies following a car accident, victims of an accident should be proactive. These are not the right words to use:

Do not say anything immediately after the crash

You should also inform your insurance company about the collision. The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming and confusing. You will also feel a lot of stress and pain from the injuries.

Keep in mind that the insurance company and you have different goals. They want to quickly close the case and give you less compensation than you are entitled to. You want the best possible compensation. Get legal representation and take care of your medical issues first.

“It was my fault”

Before an investigation is completed and concluded, avoid admitting to fault. After a car accident, the local police determine the fault. Even if you are partially responsible, there might be other factors. You can also recover a portion of your damages because Georgia is a relative negligence state.

Insurance adjusters can also look into crashes. Don’t lie to them when they ask questions. Don’t give any additional information until you are certain of the facts. Don’t apologize to the responding officer or the other driver. Talk to your insurance adjusters about the incident and don’t add personal opinions or discuss blame.

“I don’t have any injuries”

After a car accident, victims of an accident should immediately seek medical attention. It is important to prove that you were injured and it will help to determine the extent of your injuries. Whiplash, internal bleeding, and concussion can all happen without you knowing. Some injuries take longer to manifest. Don’t believe in making statements that aren’t true.

After a car accident, insurance companies know how to ask the right questions. They may ask you questions such as “I am fine” or “I feel okay”. They can claim that you were not hurt if you reply with “I’m fine” or “I feel okay”. They can refuse to pay you more or less than you are entitled to on this basis. Also, speak with your lawyer before signing any medical release forms from your insurance company.

“This is my official statement”

Insurance companies may ask for a recorded account of the crash. This is a way to get you to give more information than you need. You are not required to give one. You may decline to provide one until you have been legally represented. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters may take your words out of context to achieve their goals.

“I think”

When speaking to an insurance company, don’t speculate on the cause of the crash. It is best to tell the insurance company that you are unsure or don’t know something about a specific detail. Your claim can be negatively affected if you try to guess or make an estimate based on questions such as distance, speed, and so forth.

“I accept the offer”

After a car accident, injury victims often accept the first settlement offer. Insurers will offer a lowball settlement that does not cover all of your damages. They then try to manipulate and convince you to accept their offer, hoping that your medical bills will outweigh your lost wages.

Don’t accept any offer without consulting your lawyer. You cannot ask for more after you have accepted an offer. Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will handle all negotiations towards a fair settlement.

Names of Others

Do not give your insurance company names of people who are involved in your life. This includes family members, friends, and doctors. If your case is taken to court, they may ask you to give their contact information and details about what you said about the crash.

A woman calling her insurance after an accident

What information should I give my insurance company?

Don’t give too much information. This includes:

  • Details of all parties involved in the crash
  • The accident date and time
  • The exact location, mile marker, or intersection at which the accident occurred
  • The damaged areas of the vehicles
  • The make, model, color, and year of the cars.
  • If possible, the vehicle identification number and license plate number.

Let the Best Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer handle your insurance claim

Insurance companies are profit-oriented businesses and do not wish to lose money. Insurance companies are not trustworthy after a car accident. You should never speak to them after a car accident without consulting a lawyer.

An experienced lawyer will ensure that your case is treated with care and attention by the insurance company. A lawyer can also advise you about what to avoid saying to reduce your chances of getting maximum compensation for a car accident.

We will manage your insurance claims while you concentrate on your health at Herro Law. We will also fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to let the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer fight for you.