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Gwinnett is one the largest counties in Georgia, with several interstates that pass through the city. Due to the high-density roads and the population in Gwinnett, it is not surprising that automobile accidents happen frequently. If you have been hurt in a car accident with a reckless driver, the Herro Law Firm is here to help you.

A Gwinnett reckless driving accident lawyer will assist you in understanding what can happen due to the damages that your car has sustained, how your doctor’s, medical, and hospital bills will be handled, and how you can receive compensation for the emotional anguish you are going through due to the car accident.

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What Is Reckless Driving?

According to the O.C.G.A. §40-6-390, reckless driving is an event that occurs when an individual is driving a vehicle with reckless disregard when it comes to the safety of property or persons.

While there aren’t any set standards, reckless driving typically includes excessive speeding, weaving, running stop signs or red lights, passing other cars over a yellow double line, and failing to yield the right of way.

How Can Reckless Driving Increase the Chances of an Accident?

There is a high percentage of drivers that are careless on roads and whose actions can contribute to serious or even life-threatening car accidents. Even “minor” driving habits could lead to a collision that can result in devastating injuries.

Here are some of the main causes of car accidents caused by reckless driving:


Even when driving only slightly over the speed limit may not seem or feel like a big deal, it can increase the risks of car accidents. When a person is speeding, it can make it harder to stop in time or maneuver around an obstacle.

Texting and Driving

Regardless of the importance of sending a message, nobody should ever be texting while operating an automobile. Drivers that are concentrating on their phones rather than the road they are driving on are injury threats to other drivers and pedestrians.

Ignoring or Running Red Lights

It is extremely dangerous to ignore or run a stop sign or red light, especially at busy intersections. Drivers need to resist the temptation of making it through an intersection just before the traffic light turns red since it can result in an accident.


Tailgating happens when a car is traveling too closely behind the vehicle in front. There should be enough space to allow for the driver to brake. Tailgating has become one of the largest contributors when it comes to rear-end collisions.

Distracted Driving

From GPS navigation systems to smartphone apps, the drivers of today have more distractions than ever. To prevent distracted driving, electronic devices should be stored away and driving apps should be set up before starting the vehicle.

Aggressive Driving or Road Rage

Drivers that shout or honk at other drivers are exhibiting road rage or aggressive driving. Drivers that are angry are prone to making unsafe decisions and these can result in catastrophic accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles.

Failing to Use Turn Signals

Some drivers fail to use their left or right signals to indicate that they are about to change lanes or turn. Using these signals is one of the easiest ways to prevent accidents from happening.

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What Damages Can Victims Get From a Car Accident in Gwinnett?

In Gwinnett County, it is possible to recover all types of expenses, and even additional damages when it comes to certain cases. These are the common cost types that we help our clients to recover:

  • Medical Expenses which include doctors visits, hospital stays, or surgery
  • Prescription medications
  • The costs involved in fixing your vehicle or buying a new one
  • Loss of income due to having to take time off work or potential future loss of income

When the accident was particularly serious, you might be able to recover other expenses. This might be the case when you are faced with a disability that is permanent, ongoing severe pain, or when you have lost a loved one.

In these instances, it is understandable that money won’t ever come close to what you are going through or what you have lost. But we know that this type of money can make it easier for you to receive the treatment and care that you need to rebuild your life.

How Can I Prove the Other Driver Was Behaving Recklessly?

When it comes to proving liability in car wreck cases, it becomes necessary to demonstrate and prove that the other driver or party was in some way negligent. In reckless driving cases, this might include:

  • Speeding
  • Weaving
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to stop at a traffic light or heed other traffic signage
  • Cutting you off

Even when the driver wasn’t ticketed for one of these reckless forms of driving, other evidence can be gathered of the driver’s wrongdoing from specific sources. These often include traffic camera footage, witness statements, speedometer calibration, and more.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Gwinnett?

The car accident in Gwinnett that you were in, will be governed by a statute of limitations that the state of Georgia has imposed. If you do not comply it could mean that you won’t be able to file for financial compensation, since you won’t be allowed to file any lawsuits if the deadline has already passed.

Per OCGA §9-3-33, the statute of limitations for personal injuries typically allows individuals to file lawsuits within a two-year period from the date that the accident took place. There are various factors that may change the timeline, such as the mental state of the party that is at fault, or the age of the victim that was injured.

Why Do I Need a Reckless Driving Accident Lawyer?

You should seriously consider hiring the services of a reckless driving accident lawyer in Gwinnett, GA after you have been involved in a car accident. If you sustained injuries in a car wreck, your first priority should be to get the medical attention that you need. Extensive rehabilitation or medical care might be a requirement when you are suffering from severe injuries.

You should not have to be worrying about having to deal with insurance companies in order to obtain compensation. Recovering from physical and mental injuries that you sustained from a car accident can become even harder when you are forced to negotiate for a settlement.

Here at The Herro Law Firm, we will not only assist you with expertly preparing your case, but we will also deal with the insurance companies on your behalf to negotiate a fair settlement.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Many of the personal injury attorneys in Georgia work on something known as a “contingency fee basis.” A contingency is a fee (amount of money) the attorney will receive if they successfully win a case. This situation works very well for the following reasons:

  • You won’t be required to pay any money upfront, which means you won’t be adding any financial stress to your situation.
  • It ensures that the attorney has your best interests in mind since they won’t receive payment unless they have won the case.
  • If the lawyer wins your case, the fee is taken from the settlement (a percentage) rather than from your pocket.

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