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In Gwinnett, getting caught in a car accident is not uncommon as long as you drive on its roads. Speeding is a problem in Gwinnett that threatens all road users. If you are hurt by a speeding driver, you need a Gwinnett speeding accident lawyer to help you.

The Herro Law Firm in Gwinnett, GA, helps you get fair compensation through a lawsuit or an insurance claim. In some cases, accidents may cause you to get permanent disabilities that make it difficult to perform certain tasks. Lawyers look out for your medical bills, mental anguish, and lost income.

Do not wait to ask for help from a car accident lawyer in Gwinnett if you get involved in an accident related to speeding. Call us at (404) 433-6876 for a free case review.

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How Does Speeding Increase Chances of Causing an Accident?

It is easy to find drivers ignoring speed limits posted on the roads with busy modern-day schedules. High speed can be disastrous, especially one that exceeds a speed limit. Speeding increases the chances of causing an accident in the following ways:

Loss of Control

Driving at high speed increases the likelihood that a driver will lose control. In most instances, drivers find themselves swerving into barriers, pedestrians, or the traffic on the road, causing a rollover accident.

Stopping Time and Distance

If a driver is at high speed, they need more time and a longer distance to be able to stop the vehicle. When drivers travel at high speed and suddenly notice barriers in front of them, they never have enough time to stop causing them to crash, collide with other vehicles, or rollover.

Severe Injuries

Being on a high speed increases the likelihood of having more severe injuries due to higher impacts. High-speed collisions are likely to cause severe whiplashes that affect your brain and skull. Neck and spinal injuries are also common in such cases. Even worse, high-speed accidents can cause instant loss of life.

Safety Features

Vehicles have several safety features. These features, however, are likely not to work as expected when a car is at high speed and instead cause harm. These features are such as safety belts and airbags.

Using the mentioned aspects, a car accident lawyer in Gwinnett can identify the dynamics of a speeding car accident. Speeding accident attorneys in Gwinnett also use the same aspects to put together compensation claims.

How Can I Prove That the Driver That Hit Me Was Speeding?

Speeding remains one of the top causes of accidents. A Gwinnett car accident attorney will help gather crucial evidence to prove that the motorist who hit you was speeding. While it is almost obvious that speeding causes accidents, insurers, and courts require proof.

This is where our Gwinnett speeding accident lawyers come in.

Skid Marks

When drivers have to stop suddenly, they likely leave skid marks on the road. These marks are usually longer if the vehicle was speeding. Sometimes small marks can also indicate speeding. A speeding accident attorney in Gwinnett should identify these aspects on your behalf.

Road Debris

Car accident lawyers should also look at how far the debris on the road was flung to determine if the other car was moving at high speeds. The farther the debris is from the point of impact, the higher the likelihood that the other driver was at high speed. Lawyers can determine this through the pictures you took at the accident of scene immediately after the accident occurred.

Speed limit sign, concept of Gwinnett speeding accident lawyer

Collision Ratings

Collision ratings will help a personal injury lawyer in Gwinnett determine the damages that occur at different speeds. All vehicle manufacturers have collision ratings for the cars they manufacture. A car accident attorney needs to have a mechanic conduct an assessment to determine the damages caused. From the evaluation, experts can determine the speed at which the involved vehicle was moving.

Photos and Vehicle Damage

By taking pictures, you can help a speeding accident attorney in Gwinnett prove that the other driver was at high speed. Lawyers can also use the damage caused to the vehicle to tell if the other driver was at high speed.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Speeding Car Accident Claim in Georgia?

Car accident victims in Georgia must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident. If you miss the deadline, your case will be dismissed.

An experienced car accident attorney in Gwinnett, GA, knows the local speed limits. They can guide you on the best time to make your claim. You have two years to file a claim for any auto accident that causes bodily injuries.

The time for filing a claim begins to count from the accident date. If the accident involves some criminal investigations, there is an allowance to have the timeframe paused for up to six years.

Why Do I Need a Gwinnett Speeding Accident Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer in Gwinnett helps you build a case and file for compensation within the set time limits. The Herro Law Firm team in Gwinnett, GA, offers you a free consultation to help you begin building your case as soon as possible.

It is okay if you get involved in an accident, a car accident attorney can help you understand your rights. You need to seek compensation for the damages if you were not at fault. A speeding accident attorney in Gwinnett is the best person to turn to. They have experience in accident claims and will give you the best advice on the way forward.

A skilled car accident lawyer will help you negotiate a fair settlement. Insurance companies are more likely to offer you a fair settlement if you have an attorney representing you. An experienced lawyer is aware of insurance companies’ tactics and will not allow them to trick you into an unfair settlement deal.

An experienced lawyer will be ready to help by representing you in court if the insurance company won’t offer a fair settlement.

How Much Will a Speeding Accident Lawyer Cost?

Speeding accident lawyers in Gwinnett mainly charge a contingency fee. We will only get paid after helping you recover compensation. Our contingency fee agreement means you pay no upfront fees. If we don’t recover compensation for you, you pay us nothing. Talk to us today.

Getting the Right Compensation Matters. Talk to Us!

It is possible to recover from damages caused by a speeding car accident. The Herro Law Firm in Gwinnett is committed to giving our clients the best legal help. We have years of experience in dealing with speeding car accidents. If you were not at fault in a speeding accident, be sure to get your compensation if we work on your case.

It is your right to be compensated if another speeding driver causes you damage through an accident. Call us at (404) 433-6876 to book an appointment.