How Can Your Driving Record Impact Your Car Accident Lawsuit?

You may wonder why your Atlanta car accident lawyer wants to know if you’ve ever been in an accident before. After all, what does this have to do with your car accident lawsuit? What you’ll come to realize is that what you’ve done in the past almost always impacts what’s going on in the present.

If you have a history of getting into car accidents, it won’t take much for the defendant to argue that you were at fault. The same is true if you have been pulled over for speeding five times over the last three years. The defendant’s attorney will claim that you are a habitual speeder and that your speeding is what caused the crash.

Here, we will discuss how your driving record – good or bad – will impact your car accident lawsuit. We will also explain how your injury lawyer in Atlanta will use your clean driving record to show that you were not the one who caused the accident.

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The Police Can Access Your Driving Record at the Accident Scene

When the police arrive at the accident scene, they will ask both drivers for their information. You’ll have to show them a copy of your driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. The officer will run your information through their computer to see if you have any warrants against you.

They can also take a look at your driving history and criminal history. If they see that you have a history of getting into motor vehicle accidents, they’ll make a note of that in their final report.

The other thing that often happens at the crash scene is the cops will issue tickets. If they believe either driver was violating the local traffic laws, they will issue them a citation. This can help or hurt your case. For example, if the defendant is arrested for DUI at the scene, your Georgia car accident lawyer will use it to prove fault.

The same is true if the other driver is issued a ticket for distracted driving. Likewise, if the police believe you have broken the law, they’ll issue you a ticket. This is something the defendant will use to prove that you were at fault.

Drivers arguing after a crash

The Insurance Company May Use Your Driving Record to Argue You Were at Fault

Just as the police will review your driving record, so will the insurance company. If they believe you are a bad driver, they will use this against you in court. When they file their response to your initial complaint, they may argue that you are not a safe driver.

They will extend this argument to say that you caused the car accident. If you have a bad driving history, you should make sure your injury lawyer in Atlanta knows about it. Otherwise, they won’t be prepared to counter the defendant’s claims that you were at fault.

Your Injury Lawyer in Atlanta May Submit Your Good Driving Record as Proof That You Were the Victim

When you file your initial complaint, the defendant will have a chance to file a response. They will try to argue that you were the one who caused the crash. At a minimum, they will claim that you were at least partially at fault. If you have a clean driving record, your Georgia car accident lawyer can always use this to defeat the defendant’s claim.

It will show the court that the odds of your causing the accident are low. If you’ve never been in an accident before and the defendant has, it will work in your favor. Of course, if the opposite is true, it may hurt your case. The important thing is that your attorney be well apprised of your driving history long before your case ever goes to trial.

Direct Evidence of Fault Will Be Much More Important Than Your Driving History

Very rarely will your car accident case come down to who has the better driving record. Even if you’ve been in a dozen accidents, that fact can’t undermine the evidence if it’s strong. However, if the case can go either way, then a terrible driving record can hurt you.

Your injury lawyer in Atlanta will argue that your driving record has absolutely nothing to do with your recent car crash. Either way, it’s important that your Georgia car accident lawyer knows what your driving record looks like. In fact, they will order a copy of your driving abstract early on in your case. This way, they don’t have to worry about being blindsided later in the case.

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