How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Every now and then, a client comes to our office mere weeks before the filing deadline. They think they can handle it on their own. They don’t want to have to pay an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. The thought of a stranger taking 33% of their damages makes them angry. However, we always explain to them that it’s better to take home 67% of something than it is to take home 100% of nothing. Like it or not, your chances of winning your case go way up if you hire an attorney. Not only will the insurance company take you more seriously, but so will the judge.

If you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, you probably suffered pretty serious injuries. Most motorcycle accident victims end up in the hospital. This is because the human body was not built to withstand the impact of a car or SUV. There’s also nothing protecting you from the impact. This is why we always tell our clients to wear their helmets. It’s also a good idea to wear whatever other protective gear is available.

Here, we’ll talk about how much it costs to hire an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. If you still have questions, you can always give us a call. We’ll schedule your free, initial consultation that same day. And, since you don’t pay anything until your case is settled, you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront. Call our personal injury lawyers at The Herro Law Firm today.

Why Do We Offer Our Clients a Free, Initial Consultation?

Some of our clients are surprised that we offer them a free, initial consultation. They assume they’ll have to pay an hourly rate to meet with us. The reason we do this is twofold. First, we want to give you a chance to sit down with one of our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers and ask them any questions you may have. For example, you may be afraid of what will happen if the insurance company denies your claim. Or you may wonder whether you’ll have to sue the defendant. These are good questions and ones our associates can answer during your free consultation.

The other reason we offer a free consultation is to give us an idea of whether we want to handle your case. There are times when we choose not to represent a client. If there’s no evidence that they were hurt, there isn’t much we can do for them. Or if we think they were the ones responsible for the crash, we wouldn’t want to waste their time.

When Does You Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Get Paid?

Another question our clients ask is how we get paid. Most Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers operate on a contingency basis. This means we only get paid when you win or settle your case.
When the time comes and you receive your settlement award, your personal injury attorneys in Atlanta do deduce their fee. They’ll also reimburse the firm for any costs associated with your case.

This can include any or all of the following:

  • Postage
  • Copies
  • Courier services
  • Filing fee
  • Expert witnesses
  • Travel expenses
  • Parking
  • Court reporters
  • Accident reconstruction specialists

These things cost money. And, if your case goes to trial, it’ll cost a lot more than it will if you settle.

The way your attorney gets paid is rather simple. When you first receive your settlement check, your attorney will cash it on your behalf. They’ll deduct their contingency fee right off the top. Usually, this is 33% but it can be as high as 40% depending on the facts of your case.

The next thing they’ll do is take their costs out of the remaining amount. Finally, they’ll pay any outstanding bills associated with the crash. This includes any money your private health insurance spent on medical bills.

What Happens if You Lose – Does Your Lawyer Get Nothing?

One of the hardest things to explain to clients is what happens if they lose. Even the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta loses a case from time to time. If the evidence isn’t strong enough, they may not be able to convince the jury that you were hurt. Or your attorney may learn that you’ve missed the Georgia statute of limitations.

In either of these cases, you won’t be entitled to damages. Since your Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer only gets paid if you win, they don’t receive a dime. This is the risk they take by accepting your case. It’s also the reason why they collect at least a third of your settlement proceeds.

They take the chance that they could put out thousands of dollars in costs only to learn they’ll receive nothing down the road. It’s also why your personal injury attorneys in Atlanta charge a higher percentage for cases that go to trial. Trials are expensive and time consuming.

Your lawyer will put out more money to prepare for trial than they would if you had settled. Basically, if you don’t win, your lawyer gets nothing. Of course, they’re going to work as hard as they can to get you the compensation you deserve. And more than 95% of motorcycle accident lawsuits settle so there’s a good chance you will walk away with damages.

Call and Speak with an Experienced Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or your child have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ll need help. These accidents tend to leave their victims in bad shape. You’ll need to tend to your injuries – not fight with the insurance company. This is why we always suggest motorcycle accident victims call one of our personal injury attorneys in Atlanta right away. The lawyers at The Herro Law Firm can deal with the legal side of things while you focus on what’s important – getting better.

Because motorcycle accidents are so serious, these claims can take a bit longer to prepare. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to retain an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. You can give us a call and we’ll schedule your free, initial consultation. Some of our clients are surprised that they can retain our services for no money upfront. However, this is the same arrangement we offer all of our personal injury clients.

Call today and let someone at our front desk know what day and time works best for you. The team at The Herro Law Firm will arrange for one of our skilled attorneys to meet with you. This gives you a chance to sit down with someone who know what you’re going through. And remember – you don’t pay a dime until your case settles.