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Suppose you enter a store to get a cold energy drink, then a part of the roof caves in and severely injures you. You are hospitalized for weeks and can’t go back to work for two months. Upon investigating the incident, you realize that the roof caved in due to inadequate maintenance. But you only went to the store to grab your favorite energy drink. It isn’t your fault that the roof was not maintained properly.

According to Georgia premises liability law, if one is injured in a premise due to the carelessness or negligence of the property owner, the injured person isn’t liable to cover their medical expenses. Instead, the property owner is liable for such damages due to their failure to exercise ordinary care.

At The Herro Law Firm, our Lawrenceville premises liability lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to help you regardless of where your injury happened. Our legal team’s first priority is to help you understand your legal options. We are ready to guide you throughout the claims process.

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Do I Have a Premises Liability Claim?

To receive compensation for your injuries, you must meet several standards as prescribed by Georgia premises liability law. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you determine whether you have a valid claim.

You must prove that you were at the property and that the accident at the premises led to your injuries. Evidence such as witness statements, photos of injuries, and CCTV footage can help support your claim.

Still, you must prove that the property owner breached their duty of care, leading to your injuries. Note that if your own recklessness or risky behavior leads to your injury, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

What Are Common Injuries in Premises Liability Cases in Lawrenceville?

The most common types of accidents the legal team at Herro Law handles include:

  • Slipping and falling on a wet surface
  • Faulty stairs or railings
  • Being hit by a falling object
  • Tripping on unmarked steps or uneven surfaces
  • Structural failings, resulting in injury
  • Children injured while playing in unsafe areas
  • Escalator and elevator mishaps

These accidents can lead to injuries such as:

If you work with an experienced premises liability attorney from Lawrenceville, they can look into the facts of your case and establish liability. This is a critical step in any personal injury case in Georgia.

Our lawyers will also speak with medical experts to determine the extent of your injuries. This will give us a better understanding of how much your claim is worth.

Who Is Responsible for an Injury in a Premises Liability Case?

Landlords, business owners, store owners, parking lot owners, and restaurant owners, along with their managers and owners of other public and private premises in Lawrenceville, GA, may be liable for injuries that residents or visitors sustain.

To prove your premises liability claim, you — the plaintiff — and your lawyer must establish these four facts:

  • There was an unsafe condition or hazard on the premise.
  • The premise owner was aware of the hazard or should have known about its existence if they properly cared for the premise.
  • The premise owner in East Macon failed to fix or remove the hazard nor did they warn residents and visitors about its presence.
  • Their negligence led to your injuries.

A hole in the street, hazard that could lead to a premises liability claim

What if My Child Is Injured?

Children, unlike most adults, are generally drawn to dangerous situations such as empty pits, abandoned vehicles, or half-finished buildings. Because of this, the state of Georgia requires all property owners to ensure that their buildings don’t have any hazards that may harm children.


According to the attractive nuisance doctrine, a property owner may be held liable for injuries and other damages a child sustains if the owner’s property likely attracted them. Attractive nuisances include a wide range of elements, from power tools to swimming pools and playground equipment that may lure children, risking their well-being. This doctrine applies if a child does not understand the risk of harm they may be exposed to.

At Herro Law, our Lawrenceville premises liability lawyers can help you determine whether a premises owner is liable for your child’s harm by proving that your child wasn’t aware of the magnitude of harm when they entered the property.


Next, our lawyers will prove that it was the property owner’s responsibility to protect any children who entered their property. For example, a homeowner who leaves an empty pool in their backyard risks causing injuries to children. They should install fences around the pool, pool covers, and door alarms to prevent kids from falling into their empty pool.

It’s important to note that under Georgia law, minors tend to get special care. This implies that they are highly unlikely to be considered trespassers.

Potential Hazards

Here are some of the hazards that homeowners should secure to make sure children aren’t hurt.

  • Unused areas such as drained pools
  • Open wells or pits
  • Construction sites

Property owners should make sure all hazards that can harm children are secured or not easily accessible. At Herro Law, our compassionate legal team will apply the attractive nuisance doctrine to build an airtight premises liability case and prove that the property owner or manager was responsible for your loved one’s injuries.

What if I Was Injured at My Workplace?

Workplace injuries happen every day in Lawrenceville and all over Georgia. Just like residents and visitors to properties have rights, employees also have rights when they are injured at work. Herro Law’s personal injury team can help get you the help and compensation you need.

Worker Compensation

If you have been injured at work or while performing work-related tasks, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You can file a claim to recover compensation for losses like medical expenses (past, present, and future), lost wages, and diminished earning capacity. Your employer’s insurance provider will pay for all expenses related to your workplace injury in Lawrenceville, GA.

In the event of your death in the workplace, your loved ones may recover death benefits.

Timeframe and Exceptions

Remember, you have 30 days from the date of your workplace accident to report your injury to your employer or supervisor. The earlier you report it, the better. If you don’t report your accident within 30 days, you may lose your workers’ compensation benefits.

It’s important to point out that if you are an independent contractor, freelancer, or consultant, and you get injured while at work, you won’t be eligible for workers’ compensation. To qualify for benefits, you must be an employee.

slip and fall accident, concept of East Macon premises liability lawyer

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Premises Liability Claim?

Yes, there is a deadline for filing premises liability claims in Lawrenceville, GA. According to Georgia’s statute of limitations, you must file your claim within two years from the date of the accident to be eligible for compensation. After this window, you may lose your right to seek compensation for your premises liability claim.

At Herro Law, our attorneys recommend that you begin the claims process immediately after your accident, giving you enough time to gather evidence and file a strong case. Remember, as time passes, it becomes harder to build a strong personal injury claim.

Filing your claim early on is the best way to preserve evidence that helps you establish negligence and prove your claim. If you delay filing, building and store owners may automatically delete crucial evidence captured by CCTV cameras from their hard drives or cloud storage. Such evidence may have helped you recover the compensation you deserve.

File Your Claim With Our Lawrenceville Premises Liability Lawyers!

After sustaining injuries on someone’s business premises or property, you may be confused about what to do next. Severe injuries may require hospitalization, which may be expensive. You may also be unable to get back to work for weeks, months, or even permanently. If you are facing such a dilemma, you should reach out to a premises liability lawyer in Lawrenceville for legal assistance.

At The Herro Law Firm, our lawyers are ready to look into the facts of your case and determine if you have a valid claim. We will listen to you and discuss all available legal options for your claim. Our attorneys will gather and analyze evidence pertaining to your claim, including CCTV footage, eyewitness statements, medical records, and employment records, to build a strong personal injury claim.

Our Lawrenceville premises lawyers are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure you get the justice and compensation you deserve. We will establish negligence, determine how much your claim is worth, and negotiate with the property owner’s insurance provider to push for the maximum settlement for your damages.

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