What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta?

Over the course of a year, our Atlanta car accident lawyers meet with hundreds of accident victims. Many of these people were involved in rather serious accidents and suffered serious injuries. In our experience, some of the more serious accidents we see involve either distracted driving or drunk driving.

Accidents that involve speeding can be terrible as well. In almost every case that our car accident lawyers in Atlanta handle, our client was an innocent victim. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other thing a lot of these cases had in common is that they could have been avoided.

There are some cases where the defendant was a young, inexperienced driver and didn’t know how to handle their vehicle in the rain or sleet. But many cases involve clear negligence or even reckless behavior. Our Atlanta accident lawyers work hard to prove that, had it not been for the defendant’s actions, our clients would not have been hurt or killed.

Too Many of the Cases Our Atlanta Accident Lawyers Handle Involve Distracted Driving

One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. When people hear this, they assume that we’re referring to texting and driving cases. And, while texting and driving is a serious problem, there are all sorts of distractions that can lead to a devastating car wreck.

Here are the more common distractions that our car accident lawyers in Atlanta have seen.

  • The driver is eating their lunch or other meal while behind the wheel.
  • The defendant was simply daydreaming and wasn’t paying attention to the road.
  • The other party was playing with a handheld device of some sort.
  • The other driver may have been grooming themselves – brushing their hair, putting on makeup, or shaving.

These are things that the average driver does all the time. Unfortunately, there are times when distracted driving can lead to significant injuries or even death. People don’t realize that when they are driving while distracted, it is like driving with your eyes closed for the length of a football field. All it takes is about three seconds and both the other driver and our client could find themselves in a terrible collision.

A man texting and driving

Many Motor Vehicle Accidents Are Caused by Speeding

Whenever someone is speeding, there is a good chance they’ll get into an accident. The State sets the speed limits at certain levels for a reason. Based on the type of road you’re driving on, there could be schools or businesses nearby. In these areas, the speed limits are a lot lower than they are on major highways in Atlanta.

When people choose to drive above the speed limit, they are putting their own lives and the lives of innocent motorists at risk. Most of the time, people just assume that nothing bad will happen. Nobody seriously thinks they are going to crash into another vehicle. Sadly, our Atlanta car accident lawyers get to see the consequences of their actions all the time.

Unfortunately, Our Car Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Also See a Lot of Drunk Driving Accidents

Of all the motor vehicle accidents our car accident lawyers in Atlanta handle, drunk driving accidents are the worst. Knowing that somebody willingly and knowingly got behind the wheel after drinking alcohol is extremely frustrating.

For our clients and their families, these accidents don’t make sense. All somebody has to do to get a safe ride home is to click an app on their phone. It’s fair to say that if somebody has enough money to go out drinking, then they have enough money to pay for a rideshare.

When our Atlanta car accident lawyers first meet with a drunk driving victim, it can be very emotional. The accident victim cannot wrap their head around the fact that the defendant went out and got drunk and then decided to drive home. The idea that a stranger could have such little respect for other people is mind-boggling. It certainly doesn’t make any sense to our car accident lawyers in Atlanta.

If You Have Been Injured in Any Sort of Accident, Contact One of Our Atlanta Accident Lawyers

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers have seen their fair share of motor vehicle accident cases. Our attorneys often meet with people who sustained life-threatening injuries in a car crash.

Some accidents are a lot more dangerous than others. For example, a drunk driving accident often leaves its victims in pretty bad shape. As explained here, these accidents usually involved someone who was driving erratically or going well beyond the speed limit.

This puts other motorists at a heightened risk of injury. The same is true for people who engage in distracted driving. Whether they do this intentionally or not, distracted driving accidents have the potential to seriously injure somebody. They can even kill a victim. It all depends on the facts of the case.

Our Atlanta accident lawyers suggest that you come into the office and take advantage of a free initial consultation. One of our car accident lawyers in Atlanta can review your information and decide if your case is worth pursuing.

If so, we would more than likely be willing to represent you in court. If, however, we don’t feel your case is strong enough we will let you know. Since the initial consultation is free, and since we don’t charge our clients anything until we win them compensation, you have nothing to lose.